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                                                    "It is always people that make the difference between success and failure".

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"Our focus is people. It is the people who perform the work of an organization within the physical workplace.  Each is dependent on the other to enhance performance."


Matching a building and its furnishings to the specific needs of the occupants is a highly complex process crossing over many disciplines. Adding to this complexity is the requirements to integrate company objectives with those individual needs.

Those people in the design and construction industries seldom live or work in their product. They're usually not involved in the same activities as those occupants for whom they are designing. Though skilled in their areas, they cannot be expected to understand exactly how their client manages their day to day activities. Most have no direct daily people-management experience of similar type to draw upon to know what questions to ask.

MCLAUGHLIN & ASSOCIATES is known for its experience and success in asking people the right questions, evaluating the right information, and getting the right answers. With experienced wisdom, these answers are then applied  to both the design of a space and the management of a company's relocation.

Every project has short and long term costs as well as short and long term benefits. Usually, it is an issue that directly involves people that will turn costs into benefits over the life of a tenancy, or even the building itself.


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